25 Mar 2019

Retirement savings & hard to find good tradies!

I check our retirement accounts each fortnight after the payments have gone through. I was happy to see that we have now reached our goal for 2019 which was $420,000!  ... and its only 3 months into the year.  Of course the market fluctuates and its been up lately, but its a good feeling being able to cross off one of my goals so early.

The mortgage is now down to $124,287. next goal is end of Year 17 balance - $119,519.

No painting got done again this weekend - DH wants to do a bit more prep work and it will need undercoating in one area. I just want it done asap but I'll have to be patient - he's not the most enthusiastic handyman but he'll get there eventually.

We've been having problems with our tap in the kitchen for a while and with a banging water pipe in the bathroom.  We had a plumber organised to come and fix on the weekend but he was a no show and no notification he wasn't coming - its very frustrating.This is the second plumber we've arranged to fix it and the first one did the same thing. Why is it so hard to get a tradesperson to just turn up!  So we'll have to try a third one now.

On a good note we had a second solar heating company come and measure up. They have a really good system that would see us change to gas hot water and any excess KW gets used to heat water first, then excess over that goes to the grid. It does a cost a bit more and we're waiting on quotes. They also commented on how low our electricity use is which was nice as we do try and not waste it, without being misers. It will be interesting to see both quotes and the savings projections.

Well its 5.45am here and its raining steadily. The sound of it is lovely. We need the rain and the cooler change is great.  I have only about a month to work and then I'm having some more time off which I'm looking forward to. Time to do a few chores before work.

19 Mar 2019

This & that...

We've had a cool change in the weather since yesterday and its raining softly outside this morning. Its a nice change from the heat and we even had to put a blanket on the bed last night. We could use a bit of rain on the garden and I've moved my pot plants out from under the verandah so they get watered.

We did not get the lounge/dining room painted as planned. DH hurt his shoulder so we decided to leave it to next weekend.

We did get our visit from the solar power company. They are preparing  a quote for us. It was interesting when we discussed our electricity use as we only use the amount that a 1. 2 person household would use, (there's 3 adults here) so we're using less than half the average electricity use. We have another company coming to give us a quote later in the week. It will be interesting to see what savings calculations come back in the quotes.

I finally got paid for my second job for January and put that off the mortgage - new balance is now $125,293. 

Its back to work today for me - I feel so much better for taking some time off!

16 Mar 2019

New Zealand

So sad this morning about the terrorist attack in New Zealand.  People at prayer,  families at worship together, executed by a white nationalist filled with hate.

Over the last ten years in Australia, as in other countries we've seen the rise of 'nationalism' in our society. And just like in the US we now have people in our government who are racist and seek to divide us against our muslim community.

How fearful and shortsighted they are.

I think of my clients that are Muslim and from other countries and how sad and afraid they must be feeling right now. I only hope they know that many people do care, do welcome them and do not condone the increasing rhetoric we are hearing downunder.

We have to do better than this.

13 Mar 2019

Prepping for painting and other plans...

I've had a lovely few days here at home. DH took a few days off as well which has been nice. We've enjoyed our morning walks where we've been planning out what we want to do now that I've changed my retirement date. DH is really keen for us to stay in this house as long as we can. Previously our plan was to sell up and move into our unit once we retired but he's reluctant to move. So that also impacts on our decisions about the way we set up the house and gardens if we are staying instead of selling. Its been great to have the time together to just talk through all these things.

Our main focus this week has been on decluttering and preparing to paint. I'm going to revamp our formal dining room area into an office space for me to work out of and DS's old room is going to become the gym. So we've taken a few loads to the op shop, moved all the furniture into the centre of the formal lounge/dining room and tomorrow we'll wash down the walls with a goal of painting on the weekend.

I'm excited to create a nice new office space just for me. At the moment my work 'stuff' is just spread out all over the dining room table and stacked up in the bookcase and in various bags around the sewing room ( which was my office years ago!). My new office space will give me a quiet space so I can work online with clients and not be disturbed. Once we've painted we'll re-carpet. I already have most of the furniture I need and some new curtains I bought on sale.

DH has also been researching solar power and we have someone coming to give us quote this Friday. I'm considering going all electric too so we only pay one daily service charge instead of two ( gas & electricity).

Well I'm off to my second job now, which is always enjoyable. Then back into painting prep in the morning.

11 Mar 2019

Changing the Date!

As you know work has been stressing me out for a long time now and its only going to continue in my current position. At the end of last week I had a very frank talk with my manager. My job is secure for the next 12 months for sure. After that its anyones guess. So, after much reflection I am changing our plans for five years to retirement.

If you look over to the sidebar you'll see a new date for retirement from my job,  at the end of next year, just before my 58th birthday. If I don't get laid off then I'll leave and my plan is do some part time work in my own business again, doing much the same as what I do now. Retirement here I come in 2020!

I'm excited but more than that I feel relieved. The decision is made now I can just get on with making new plans and preparations. I feel like a weight has been lifted!

In the meantime I've got a heap of decluttering done around the house in the last two days- I'm just about to load up the car again to take stuff to the op shop this morning.  I plan on having much, much less 'stuff' in the house by the end of this week of holidays.

7 Mar 2019

Mortgage Milestone & time off

Well today is payday which is always the best day of the week. I've just paid the extra off the mortgage which is now $125,992. That takes us to the end of Year 16 on our original mortgage.

This week I talked to the bank and got our redraw reduced. I decided to keep  $15,000 available in redraw,as a bit of a back up while I build up the emergency fund.

I'm taking some leave for the next week and a bit. At the moment I expect there will be layoffs in July so I am better to use up some leave before then and I need the break in truth. I'm looking forward to some time off and currently making a big list of jobs I want to get done around the house and I have three quilts that need finishing.

My ticker with days left to retirement had now reached 1300's- love watching it go down!

1 Mar 2019

February Progress report

We've done reasonably well in February with our financial goals, but not so well otherwise. I dropped my iphone and broke the screen which cost $160 to repair.  My wages from my second job are late so not as much off the mortgage this month and not near as much on the good eating & exercise front as I would have liked.

  • $127,268 down from $129,992
  • mortgage reduction $2724
Retirement Savings
  • mine $120,384
  • DH  $291,876
  • total savings $412,260
  • total increase $7452
Groceries I'm no longer tracking grocery savings each week so will remove this from future reports.

I've been walking for an hour 2- 3 days a week in the early mornings which has been enjoyable when I do it.  My diet is not going great - I am an emotional eater and my weight has gone up even though I haven't weighed myself due to high work stress. I'm just too tired to do much of anything when I get home from work and took a few days off.

Just super stressful. Two more people have left in the last week, one is someone I've known and worked with for years that I ran into yesterday morning when I went in to the office. They were in early to collect the last of their things - just can't take the stress anymore so they resigned. The rumour mill is rife that they'll bring forward to the layoffs to this July instead of waiting till 2020. Its an unmanageable workload. I am really hoping to get laid off but not sure I will be on the list. Fortunately I have options. In the meantime I'm just doing whatever I need to do to keep sane lol!

I've got some decluttering done in my sewing room. No other work done around the house and yard our excuse is the heatwave temps we've had!  Will do better next month.