18 Nov 2022

Blue scrappy flimsy finished. Share the Dignity drive.

I'm determined to chip away at the scrap stash after my recent clean up in the sewing room.  I finished this quilt top this morning made of blue 5" squares. I also used up a light blue scrap to break up the rows as without that it was just too busy and a little small. I'm pleased with the way it turned out and I've added it to the 'waiting to be quilted pile. 

It will be a donation quilt when finished as there is going to be a real need for quilts following all these flooding events we've been having. I was able to buy $440 worth of quilt batting for only $80 with my $40 spotlight vouchers - I was sent four this time so I will use the others up in the next few days. I've got plenty of batting now in my stockpile!

On Wednesday night there was a request for linen & other items to be donated to flooded residents in Eugowra where houses where literally just washed away on Monday. So I cleaned out the linen cupboard of sheets, one quilt and some blankets. I also had my box of extras (pads, tampons, toiletries) for topping up Share the Dignity bags so I sent those off as well. 

Share the Dignity collections start today and run to the 27th November at every Bunnings store. You can drop off a handbag backpack filled with items (list is here) or you can donate toiletries, pads or bags as well and they will get made up for donation.  The bags are given to women & girls in need.

This year I made three Mum & Bub bags and three teen bags. I made a crotchet rug and a bunny rug for each of the Mum & Bub bags.

In the US & Canada there is are similar charities:  One Purse,  My Change Purses, Lend a Hand.

I kept on with the decluttering in the spare room ( junk room!) and this morning we made a trip to the op shop and then a trip to the dump. I have so much more space! Still lots to do but we're making progress. Today I want to get my fabrics chosen ready for the start of Bonnies Mystery Quilt tomorrow and cut down some scraps from my current scrap bin.

Blogger comments problem! Is anyone else having difficulty commenting on blogs including replying on your own blog? At the moment I can't comment on this blog and on most of the other blogs - any advice?  

16 Nov 2022

Back from the beach. Sorting the sewing!

We've been home for a few days now after having a week at the beach and visiting DS in Wagga for a few days. This time I took some embroidery with me. I enjoyed sitting outside on the verandah in the afternoons listening to the ocean.

I haven't embroidered for years and I would like to get back to it and improve skills. This pattern was from a class with video instruction from Clever Poppy that she ran recently. 

We've had lots of rain here and flooding in town on Monday. We are fine as we live on top of a hill and it seems to be going down quickly here. Other places in the region have been badly affected and I'm so glad we cancelled our big holiday to avoid the flooding.

I've started going through all my sewing projects, WIPs, UFOs and scrap stashes and making a list of everything that needs finishing. There's a lot!  I found quilt tops, sewing projects and patterns I had forgotten about and finally found my misplaced Splendid Sampler blocks. I'm bagging everything up from each project into clear bags so I can easily see what I have and putting them on the open shelves instead of in drawers so they don't get forgotten. 

I'm feeling as though I'd like some more routines back in my week. I listened to a TED talk recently about stages of retirement and we've been enjoying the first 'holiday - freedom' stage a lot. I'm just feeling now like I'd like to have a bit more organisation in my week. I'm not tired from working anymore and I have more energy to do things. Not sure where I'm going with it but thats my thoughts lately. I also want to get back to more regular blogging. 

We have a big few weeks coming up with birthdays, my in-laws 65th wedding anniversary and our 40th anniversary. I love this time of year with the lead up to Christmas - lots to do and this year will be our first Christmas with family since Covid started so it will be great to get back to normal I hope. Covid changed so much - did it affect your end- of year get-togethers? Do you feel like life's returning back to 'normal'? I'm getting my covid booster vaccination this morning  as its on the rise again here, then time to catch up on blog reading.

3 Nov 2022

Floods, snow, decluttering & new Tilda fabric.

 What an interesting week we are having here! It's been raining for days and we have lots of flooding in town and across the state. We had planned to travel to see DS today but the roads are closed so we have cancelled. There are some backroads but the last thing we need to do is get stuck somewhere and not be able to get home. 

Yesterday, as well the flooding we had snow! It was quite heavy falls just outside of town. I've never seen snow in November here before. It's usually hot and sunny but it's been quite cold.

But it's been a good week for sewing and decluttering! I have been working on my overflowing 5" square scrap bins - mostly children's prints. I've just been joining squares ready to be made into eye spy quilts later. I started with making strips for the disappearing nine-patches 

... but after a lot of sewing I just wanted to get them done faster so made the rest into 4 patch blocks...

It all fits neatly back in the drawers now and when I want to make an eye spy quilt it will be much quicker to join a few of these larger blocks. 

I also had some beautiful Tilda fabrics delivered this week. I just love Tilda fabrics and so I decided to treat myself and join the Tilda club so I get a project each two months. While I may not get them done straight away it will be nice to have them in my stash for when I want a change from sewing quilt tops. 

Here's my first month of the Tilda club - its just gorgeous!

I also bought a Chic Escape fat quarter bundle and some dots & plains for a paper piecing quilt top I want to make.

  and a Hometown fat-eights bundle for a wall hanging project

I hadn't planned on doing Bonnies mystery quilt this year as were to be travelling but now that I'm not and after seeing the beautiful colours she has chosen I'm in! I am going to use batiks and have ordered them this morning. I'm quite excited to be doing it again! Are you doing Bonnies mystery this year? What are your thoughts on the colour choices?

I've also been decluttering old work 'stuff' with five large garbage bags of old files & paperwork shredded this week. After a lot of thought I've decided to let my professional registration go and I've now given up on the idea of perhaps doing some occasional work in retirement. After seven months I'm feeling so much healthier but I'm also realising that I am still quite burned out and seeing how much of a toll work took on my health. It's time to just stop and smell the roses. 

"Smell the roses. Smell the coffee. 

Whatever it is that makes you happy."

Rita Moreno