14 Sept 2019

Another Mortgage Milestone!

Last week we got our finally got our tax refund paid into our account. After paying a few bills I've just made a nice big extra payment off the mortgage to bring it down to $112,558 - the end of year 18 balance on the Amoratisation table.

It feels so good to cross out another line!

So with 15 weeks left until the end of 2019 I need to pay $837.20/week to reach our goal of $100,000 mortgage balance by end of the year. I also have to replace our heater/air conditioner which will be $5000 at the end of October so we need to keep our spending down.

The last few months I've been really tired and I am looking forward to next year when I am just doing my day job. I have also been reading 'How to Retire Happy, Wild & Free' which was recommended on the MMM forums. Its been really helpful to me, as someone who has really invested a lot of my identity in my career. I will write more on this a bit later, but overall I have really come to accept its time to slow down and smell the roses.

I have only a few weeks until holidays - New Zealand here we come! - can't wait!

4 Sept 2019

August Progress Report

I've been awol from blogging this month but heres a quick update of the last months progress:


Paid a bit extra on the mortgage this month. I'm feeling more optimistic we can reach our $100,000 goal by the end of the year.
  • current balance: $116,577
  •  down from $118,340
  • total reduction:$1763
A drop in the markets lately so the balance is down a little. I did put in extra this month while the market was down - buying shares while on sale!
  • me: $139,307
  • DH: $318,355
  • total:$457,662
  • total decrease: $4,065
Back to walking or exercising each day, its always nicer in Spring to be out and about. Holidays are coming up and I find that is always a bit of a 'reset' - I come back well rested and usually lose a bit of weight. 

Well its actually gone a bit quiet at work so its nice to not be so busy. I have been cleaning out a lot of old files and old resources no longer needed. My second job will stop in a month or two and after some discussion with DH I am just going to do my day job and take a break from extra work until I find out about if I get laid off next year. I am looking forward to slowing down and we will make the reduced income work.

We have completed painting two rooms and I have bought the curtains (on sale at Spotlight). Two garden beds have been cleaned out. Our heater/air condtioning broke last week and we got it repaired however it needs replacing ( its about 12 years old) so the approximate quote was $5000. It is on the -to do- list!