1 Apr 2021

March Progress Report

I feel like the months are flying by very quickly! This month we made a decision to redirect extra mortgage payments towards retirement savings and IP debt reduction. Here's our numbers for the month.


  • current balance: $56,678
  • down from: $58,899
  • total reduction: $2,221
  • current balance: $596,502
  • up from: $585,718
  • total increase: $10,784
Its very busy and I've been doing some travelling & some long days but overall my new job is going well. I've also been doing some training again which I quite enjoy. I have a few days off coming up over Easter which I'm looking forward to. 

I've been trying some vegetarian recipes, lentil pie, lentil bolognaise, chickpea stews and have found them very tasty. So we're eating a few less meat meals each week now. I cooked up 30 serves of lentil & vegetable soup last weekend for the freezer. Not much walking as its dark in the mornings now.

Overall things are going well, most financial matters are automated and its just a matter of continuing to plod along. Today is the last week of Term so I have a few weeks to catch up on work before students return and then work should be a bit less time consuming.