4 Oct 2021

September Progress Report

Another month down and only one more term left in this management role thank goodness. On the finance front, here are the numbers:


  • current balance: $43,731
  • down from $45,990
  • total reduction: $2,259
  • current balance: $690,450
  • up from: $678,595
  • total increase: $11,855

 We've all been working from home during September and are still in lockdown which will probably end in the next few weeks. I am expecting to have to go back to the office next week which I am really not looking forward to.

 Last week I was on leave and spent a lot of time dealing with work issues & attending meetings including one where we were very rudely told off for working from home. It was quite insulting & very disrespectful. Each of us in that meeting was on holiday but still made time to attend. To be told off like that was just one more reminder of how toxic this workplace is & how much I want to leave. I keep reading about The Great Resignation and I could quite likely be a part of it the way things are going. 

On a positive note, I've been doing lots of decluttering and have several bags of old clothes ready to donate when the op shops open up. I went for a lovely walk with an old friend a few days ago down by the river. 

It was a beautiful spring day and we spent a few hours catching up, while we enjoyed the views and got some exercise.  We followed a walking path that goes along the river & even though we're still in town, just 10 minutes from home, it feels like you are away from the traffic & noise.

Its magpie swooping season here and although there were plenty of maggies about there was no birds swooping at us as we walked.

The view back towards town. I remember as a kid we were not allowed to swim in the river but  I used to sneak down with a friend and go for a swim sometimes in summer. At the moment there are lots of snakes about so it's not the smartest idea to swim here right now.  

Today we have a public holiday here so I'll be doing some more decluttering and perhaps a bit of cooking for the freezer. We are meeting with the financial planner again next week to make some decisions so I'm looking forward to that and to enjoying this lovely spring weather in the next few weeks.