21 Jun 2021

Five days to go

 I have just five days to go until the end of term and boy am I looking forward to the end of this week. I am taking a week off and then will work from home for a week and I really do need to take a break.  

I'm back to just going to work, trying to sleep, eat & do washing and then back to work and no time or energy for anything else. It's certainly not something I could keep up for too long. My plan for the holidays is to have a big clean-up in the house and to get myself back on track with eating better, exercising, and catching up on sleep. 

If all goes to plan this time next year I will be working part-time. I am so looking forward to it! 

16 Jun 2021

Busy, busy, busy!

I feel like time is going by so quickly at the moment!  We've had a long weekend here which was nice -lovely to have a 3-day break from work. We had snow here, the heaviest falls in years with snow laying on the ground for most of the day, lots of roads blocked and lots of branches falling off trees due to the weight of the snow. 

I also had to buy a new washing machine as my old one died a few days ago. I got a new machine from appliancesonline - great prices ($398) and they collect the old one and install the new one. I had it the next day after ordering. It's so much easier to buy online these days instead of having to go to a store. 

Right now I'm counting the days down until I have a week's leave - only eight more working days to go!!  I'm just working and sleeping at the moment, nothing else is getting done and I need some time to get some housecleaning done and refocus on getting a bit more balance back in my life. 

This job is good in many ways but I certainly couldn't keep up this pace for too long and stay healthy. I have only half my staff at the moment and I'm covering four people's roles which is impossible to do fully so lots of prioritising and lots of working at home in the evenings. I just remind myself it's temporary and strangely not as stressful as my usual job. The good thing is that we are exceeding our financial goals and the end is in sight (547 days!).