Update 2022.

When I started this blog I was focused on saving for retirement so I've left my initial 'about' down below. 

Well now it's 2022 and I'll be retired in a matter of weeks. So now I get to spend my days as I please and that will involve a lot of sewing & quilting, a bit of gardening, reading and updating our 35+ year old house. Perhaps when the pandemic is well and truly over we might do some travelling but mostly I'm just happy to potter about at home.

I live in NSW Australia with my hubby, daughter & one spoilt cat. My work life has been in health and education. I love sewing and used to sew quite a lot but over the years it got put on the back-burner as work & family took priority. I'm looking forward to making up for lost time.

I'd love to hear from you if you have similar interests, join in the conversation in the comments & leave a link to your blog so I can visit.

Hi and welcome!

I'm in my mid fifties and I've set a goal to retire in five years time (Dec 2022) I'd only started blogging a few weeks, and had all our financial calculations worked out when DH got told his job hours were being cut which threw us a curve ball. But I'm sticking to my retirement plans and will be blogging about finance, frugal living and day to day life while we approach retirement.

In the past we had quite a lot of debt and we paid it all off ($102,000) following Dave Ramsay. Then I landed a well paying job so we invested in real estate. I also ran my own SMSF for about five years.  I'm now trying to simplify our finances as much as possible.

Our basic plan is to max out retirement savings using salary sacrifice; pay off our mortgage, then pay extra off IP #2 while we renovate our house ready to sell. Then we'll sell and move into IP#2 and sell IP #1 investing the profit into super. If all goes to plan we should have $500,000 in super in five years before adding profit from real estate.

Once we move we might work part time if we want in between doing some travelling.

My first post gives a bit more info:  and so it begins!

When I'm not working I love doing patchwork, sewing for charity and reading.

I'm blogging to keep myself accountable and because I like reading other peoples blogs. I'd love to hear from you in the comments if your on a similar journey or have a blog about simple living/personal finance.

*update July 2018 - DH cut to working hours confirmed. The workplace has laid off other employees and we were concerned he might lose his job completely so we're relieved that he still has a job at all.

*update October 2019 - I finished working at my second job which reduces our income by $1,200/month. I'm just getting too tired & our savings are increasing much faster than I anticipated.

*update March 2020 - I restarted my second job at half the hours after they asked me back. We've changed our mind about downsizing into our IP when we retire & will be staying in our current home which will have an impact on our retirement savings plans.

*update March 2021 - We're taking a break from paying off the mortgage for a few months to add extra to our retirement savings & pay ahead on our IP's. 


  1. I love the name and tagline of your blog, hadn't heard that quote before!

    Glad to hear you're 'retirement' date has been brought forward - looks like you're not far off your retirement savings goal, keep up the good work for another year and a half!

    Cheers, Frankie

    1. thnx Frankie, yes I think 'less is more' as I get older so I love that quote. just need to keep plodding along...

  2. Great news Jan! Today I have noticed your retirement calculator was under 500 days and wanted to congratulate you but now that you think, you can do it sooner, CONGRATULATIONS!

    1. thanks :) its a good feeling watching that number go down, and excited to think I might be retiring even sooner.


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