1 Aug 2019

July Progress Report

July has been pretty busy, time away to visit family and busy with work - heres how things look for the month:

No extra payments off the mortgage this month:
  • $118,340 down from $119,475  
  • total reduction: $1,135
I am amazed at how fast our retirement funds are growing! The market just keeps going up! My goal when I started this blog was to have $500,000 in our retirement accounts by the end of 2022 - now it looks like we could reach that goal by the end of this year. These are tax advantaged accounts that include employer contributions as well as ours.
  • Me: $139,698
  • DH: $322,029
  • Total: $461,727
  • total increase: $11,909
I started exercising again and had a flare up of arthritis so back to square one with exercise - my weight is that same which is not surprising. But I am feeling much better the last few days and hoping to start walking again soon.

I've had some time off work which has been nice. A member of my team resigned this week. Now we are four - down from eight - down from 13 when I originally started.  I am thinking about going part time at my job next year. I feel a lot better since making the decision - I'm happier, I'm less stressed, I have more energy and I don't feel like my job is consuming my every waking moment.  

DH has been painting so I now have two rooms done. Next job is to get a quote for the carpet and put the curtains up. I've done a little bit more decluttering, gave a few family keepsakes to DS and another bag to the op shop.

My job for this week is to put our tax in - finally!