31 May 2022

RSC - Green scrap blocks

The colour for Mays Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks was green and so I spent yesterday morning finishing off my Carolina Chain blocks in green.

I'm still not fully over this flu so haven't got much else done the last few days, still needing a nap most days. I am keen to get back to having more energy so I get some more decluttering done before DH finishes up at work. He only has a month left and I can see he's itching to be finished!  We've been planning a short trip away for July to catch up with some family that we haven't seen for a bit over a year due to Covid. It will be nice to head up towards the warmer weather. We had light snow overnight just outside of town which feels a bit early as the Autumn leaves haven't finished falling yet. I took this photo on the weekend of one the trees in the garden - glorious colours!!

Today I'm going to work on the last of the Sweet Dreams blocks and make a pot of soup for this cold weather. I do not miss driving to work in the cold lol! 

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22 May 2022

Summer in the Country progress

My regular sewing time and my new daily retirement routines got thrown out of balance for the last few weeks. We've all been crook with a virus. Covid tests keep coming back negative, despite having all the symptoms and each day we hear of another friend or family member that has Covid.  So while I've been crook  I've spent my days sleeping on the lounge and doing a bit of sewing now and again between naps.

I thought I post the few blocks I've completed on Summer in the Country.

This block - Grandma - is one of the bonus blocks:

Then the lovely Moonlight block, which looks like little houses to me:

 Here is Pinwheel Parade:

I went through my green scraps for RSC and have those ready to cut and piece and I've cut the last of my Sweet Dreams blocks. I've also started cutting out pieces for Garden Party Downunder BOM. This is was my sewing table looks like today - bits and pieces of several projects I am working on:

 Hopefully we all improve this week and I can get back to some serious sewing and regular blogging. 

1 May 2022

RSC - the last of the pink scraps...

 The last few weeks have been quite busy, with not a lot of time for sewing. I did manage to get some more done with the bag of pink scraps though. 

I took all the strips and cut them to 2.5 ", then joined them up in a jelly roll race style. There was enough there to do the centre of another square quilt top:

Then I cut up the smaller strips made these cute little blocks, they are the same as you get with a disappearing nine patch:

... and now all that is left from that original big shopping bag of scraps is one large ziplock bagful...

My plan for the week ahead is to get the rest of the Sweet Dreams blocks finished, start working on Summer in the Country and decide on one of my many UFO's to work on. 

I've been walking 10,000 steps every day and enjoying the Autumn colours on my morning walks.

"It was a beautiful, bright autumn day, with air like cider and a sky so blue you could drown in it."

– Diana Gabaldon

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