30 Oct 2019

An expensive week!

This time of year is always expensive for us. It's the time when our insurances and car registrations all come due. This year its also a month where we earn a lot less as my second job is phasing out with much less hours. But this week we also had the added costs of an urgent dental treatment for me and yesterday an expensive Dr's visit for DH plus a script for the cat.

  • car service: $250
  • dentist: $440
  • home & contents insurance: $1080
  • chemist $99
  • Dr $44
  • cat chemist: $60
  • ambulance cover: $98
  • car registration: $700
I'm saving for the air conditioning replacement in November ($5000) so there will be limited extra money to pay off the mortgage next month. 

Work has been very quiet which is nice. Another slice of my work has been given to another department so theres less and less for me to do. Its an odd feeling after many years of having a huge workload but possibly a sign they want the position reduced next year.

15 Oct 2019

September Progress Report

A belated progress report for September! I had it written out but forgot to hit publish.

The mortgage balance is now under $110,00! I put every cent I could find into the mortgage last month, I'm determined to reach our end of year goal.
  • current balance $109,687 
  • down from $116,577
  • total reduction $6,890
The market was up last month so we had a nice big increase in our retirement savings:
  • me $144,900
  • DH $326,782
  • total $471,682
  • total increase $14,020
Not much new, I am planning on getting back into walking when I return from holidays, my weight has gone up... lets just say work stress & leave it at that for the moment.

This was my last month for a full second job income which all went into the mortgage. Just counting the days till retirement and trying to keep my head down. DH has been asked to do some extra hours until Christmas so that will help make up for my income going down.

Not much change at home, a little bit more weeding and decluttering completed.