18 Jun 2018

Grocery Shopping

Well my DD had offered to take on the grocery shopping each week and I'm so relieved not to have to do it anymore!  The last few weeks I've just been so exhausted. I've spent every weekend catching up on sleep and too fatigued to do much at all. With DD doing the grocery shopping it will really help me manage the work demands, especially given that I also do the extra job two evenings a week.

So we needed to spend $50 again this week at Coles. Our shop this week was: Coles - $62.93  saved $8.82

We've eaten more out the freezer over the last week, crumbed chicken, frozen meals and also some tinned soups from the pantry. I thawed out some stewing steak overnight to make a crockpot meal today. Its really cold here, lots of snow about just outside of town, so a hot meal after work will be lovely to come home to.

15 Jun 2018

a few roos loose in the top paddock....

I ended up leaving work early yesterday as I started getting signs of a migraine coming on after a really heavy meeting in the morning. As I was leaving I saw the family of kangaroos that lives in the paddock next door out enjoying the afternoon sunshine so I stopped and took a few pics as I drove past.

 They checked me out and then went back to eating.

It looks like theres quite a few young ones there as there were more to the right of the picture.

Growing up we had a pet kangaroo at my grandmas place. Grandma raised her after the mother was shot and they found the joey in the pouch. So I have a lot of happy memories of playing with Biddy who was just a part of our childhood games along with the dogs and cats.

After this I went home and rested up, just put work out of mind and despite a bad headache and feeling very nauseas, it did not progress to a migraine.
So I'm just about to head off to work this morning - thank God its Friday!

14 Jun 2018

Hit Another Mortgage Milestone & work stress

Our payments have gone through for the week and I've been able to transfer a nice big payment on to the mortgage again. The new balance is $149,799 which takes us under the end of Year 12 balance on the amoratisation table. I'm hoping to hit the Year 13 balance pretty quickly with the extra income from last month

I needed a boost today and seeing that balance going down really helps. Work has been incredibly stressful this week - honestly if I could have quit on the spot yesterday I would have. I am just swamped at the moment and no let up in sight at all. When I got to work yesterday I actually rang and cancelled most of my clients so I could try and catch up. By the end of the day I was even further behind as new clients just keep coming. I'm just done with it. I spent last night thinking about leaving and going back to working for myself, but the reality is that financially I am better where I am if I can just stick it out.

At least I have our holiday to look forward to. The second half of the year should be a bit better I am hoping.

1660 days to go!

12 Jun 2018


We've just had a long weekend here. Yesterday was a public holiday for the Queens Birthday - it was so nice to have that extra day off work!  I've been sick with a cold so DD did the shopping for me. We needed to spend $50 at Coles for points. We had plenty of veggies left so this week so our total spend this week was:

Total spent: $65.81
total saved; $7.64

Its been quite cold here so we're using up our tinned soups and also making casseroles and stews out of meat in the freezer. I feel like I am finally making a dent in our stockpile and in the freezer - but I still have quite a way to go. My plan is to get it down over the winter so I clean out the pantry/storeroom in spring.

It concerns me a bit that I'm starting to get sick often - a sure sign I'm getting run down. I slept for a few hours every afternoon the last few days. Work is catching up with me again I think but I should get a bit of a break in a few weeks when its end of term.

5 Jun 2018

Life after work...

Yesterday  I caught up with a colleague who retired 18 months ago. John and I both started working for the same place about 12 years ago but in different towns. We were the only two left in our section after the last restructure saw our team halved in numbers and the rest bullied out by management. We have both been through three restructures and remember the good old days when times were different and education was about people, not profit.

It was great to catch up and hear about his much more relaxed life now. He keeps busy by volunteering a a few organisations, keeping active in his sporting interests and getting away travelling every 3-4 months. He looked so well and happy - not missing work at all.

We also talked finances which was helpful. The last time we both expected to be made redundant is when I bought our downsizing house and he and his wife did the same thing. They have moved now, got rid of 'stuff' and now live in walking distance of the centre of town which they are enjoying.

I asked if he had any advice for me as I prepare to retire in five years as I value his opinion. John said to get a financial planner involved 12-18 months before retirement date as they will help structure assets to get maximum benefits. Some assets such as superannuation and savings will need to go in the younger partners name so the older person can qualify for a part pension - more for the benefits than for the income. So a few things for me to think about there.

We also talked about some work and professional issues. On really keeping out of the drama and focusing on keeping well. We're all replaceable and the workplace doesn't miss us or care when we are gone so don't burn myself out in the next few years trying to do an un-doable job.

I left feeling really optimistic about our retirement plans and happy to have caught up with an old friend. It helps keep things in perspective when work is so busy.

There is life after work... and it will be good!

4 Jun 2018

Grocery Shopping

I started the grocery shop at IGA-B and bought veggies there:

5 red capsicums $5.99
baby corn  $2.99
4 punnets strawberries $12
1 bunch spinach $1.99
3.2 kgs jap pumpkin $2.43
3 green capsicums $2.03
6 bananas $2.27
3 navel oranges $1.65
1 lge white radish $1.99
400g eggplant .79c

 IGA -B spend: $38.69  Savings $2.41

Coles  spend $114.30 Savings $18.35

Total Grocery spend: $152.99

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