6 Jul 2019

June Progress Report

Time for another progress update:

We reached our Year 17 balance on the mortgage this month:
  • $119,475  down from $120,872
  • total reduction: $1,397 
I've bumped up payments to our retirement funds and that will be our priority until I know whats happening with my job next year:
  • Me: $134,631
  • DH: $315,187
  • Total: $449,818
  • total increase: $14,148
The whole family has been sick on and off for the last month - I had 3 weeks off work with this flu thats doing the rounds, starting to improve a bit now. No exercise due to being sick and my weight has stayed the same.

Well I've been away mostly but I have had a meeting with management where its was indicated that the chances of me being laid off are much higher now. Two more colleagues have resigned. I've booked a few more days leave in a few weeks.

I've finally completed the training I've been doing so I'll have more time to get back to life outside of work!  I'm not going to take on too much extra work in the next 12 months.

Not much done around the house this month but looking forward to getting back into painting and decluttering this month.