1 Jul 2021

June Progress Report

 Its the end of the financial year and time for another monthly update.  I've been on leave from work for the last week but due to covid lockdowns here I've been attending a daily update meeting and doing about an hour of emails each day. DH has been working from home and so it has been nice to be here together. I'm working from home next week and then will return to the office, but it will be back to telehealth for a few weeks until the covid numbers go down. DH and I have both had our first dose of Astrazenica and DD is due to get Pfizer in two weeks so I will feel a little safer once she's had that first dose.

This last month has been fantastic for our superannuation as the market is on the rise. We're not far off meeting our savings goal for the year.

Earlier this week we met with a financial planner. We're going to get them to review our finances & retirement plans so we can be sure we're making the most of various tax strategies. I'm excited to be at this stage of fine tuning the details. 

Heres the numbers for the last month:


  • current balance: $49,111
  • down from: $52,627
  • total reduction: $3,516


  • current balance: $648,758
  • up from: $629,559
  • total increase: $19,203