7 Mar 2019

Mortgage Milestone & time off

Well today is payday which is always the best day of the week. I've just paid the extra off the mortgage which is now $125,992. That takes us to the end of Year 16 on our original mortgage.

This week I talked to the bank and got our redraw reduced. I decided to keep  $15,000 available in redraw,as a bit of a back up while I build up the emergency fund.

I'm taking some leave for the next week and a bit. At the moment I expect there will be layoffs in July so I am better to use up some leave before then and I need the break in truth. I'm looking forward to some time off and currently making a big list of jobs I want to get done around the house and I have three quilts that need finishing.

My ticker with days left to retirement had now reached 1300's- love watching it go down!


  1. I am glad you are taking care of yourself during the stressful time at work. Please make sure you take your mind off too. Sometimes we cannot help thinking about the negativity. Just stop and smell the coffee or the roses, your choice.

  2. thanks T'Pol. The last few days I've been walking each morning & enjoying some sewing inbetween decluttering - its too easy to slip into the negativity at work so I'm staying away from work email this week and just focusing on home, which does help.

  3. I really didn't get the FIRE bug until my mortgage was paid off. I know the "numbers" say to carry a large, low-interest mortgage (and invest the proceeds) but I love being debt free. Makes me seem closer to my end goal


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