1 Mar 2019

February Progress report

We've done reasonably well in February with our financial goals, but not so well otherwise. I dropped my iphone and broke the screen which cost $160 to repair.  My wages from my second job are late so not as much off the mortgage this month and not near as much on the good eating & exercise front as I would have liked.

  • $127,268 down from $129,992
  • mortgage reduction $2724
Retirement Savings
  • mine $120,384
  • DH  $291,876
  • total savings $412,260
  • total increase $7452
Groceries I'm no longer tracking grocery savings each week so will remove this from future reports.

I've been walking for an hour 2- 3 days a week in the early mornings which has been enjoyable when I do it.  My diet is not going great - I am an emotional eater and my weight has gone up even though I haven't weighed myself due to high work stress. I'm just too tired to do much of anything when I get home from work and took a few days off.

Just super stressful. Two more people have left in the last week, one is someone I've known and worked with for years that I ran into yesterday morning when I went in to the office. They were in early to collect the last of their things - just can't take the stress anymore so they resigned. The rumour mill is rife that they'll bring forward to the layoffs to this July instead of waiting till 2020. Its an unmanageable workload. I am really hoping to get laid off but not sure I will be on the list. Fortunately I have options. In the meantime I'm just doing whatever I need to do to keep sane lol!

I've got some decluttering done in my sewing room. No other work done around the house and yard our excuse is the heatwave temps we've had!  Will do better next month.