13 Mar 2019

Prepping for painting and other plans...

I've had a lovely few days here at home. DH took a few days off as well which has been nice. We've enjoyed our morning walks where we've been planning out what we want to do now that I've changed my retirement date. DH is really keen for us to stay in this house as long as we can. Previously our plan was to sell up and move into our unit once we retired but he's reluctant to move. So that also impacts on our decisions about the way we set up the house and gardens if we are staying instead of selling. Its been great to have the time together to just talk through all these things.

Our main focus this week has been on decluttering and preparing to paint. I'm going to revamp our formal dining room area into an office space for me to work out of and DS's old room is going to become the gym. So we've taken a few loads to the op shop, moved all the furniture into the centre of the formal lounge/dining room and tomorrow we'll wash down the walls with a goal of painting on the weekend.

I'm excited to create a nice new office space just for me. At the moment my work 'stuff' is just spread out all over the dining room table and stacked up in the bookcase and in various bags around the sewing room ( which was my office years ago!). My new office space will give me a quiet space so I can work online with clients and not be disturbed. Once we've painted we'll re-carpet. I already have most of the furniture I need and some new curtains I bought on sale.

DH has also been researching solar power and we have someone coming to give us quote this Friday. I'm considering going all electric too so we only pay one daily service charge instead of two ( gas & electricity).

Well I'm off to my second job now, which is always enjoyable. Then back into painting prep in the morning.

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  1. You go girl and then come paint here as the whole house needs it!