17 May 2021

Still here!

It's halfway through another month this morning and I realised I haven't posted since my last progress report! Time for me to get back to blogging more regularly I think. I'm still here and still plodding along :) 

My main reason for slacking off blogging has been work - which is very busy and the last few weeks I've been bringing work home every night. By the weekend I am just very tired and spend most of it catching up on sleep, doing a bit more work, and getting ready for the week ahead.   From this week I will be down to half staffing so it's not improving any time soon. I'm trying to pace myself so I can last the distance.

Strangely enough, I don't feel as stressed as I did last year. I find myself thinking about being retired often, thinking that this time next year I'll be doing things for the last time. I happily daydream about what it will be like to spend a day sewing or just go for a walk during the day, having the time to shop for bargains and grow a veggie garden.  I'm secretly excited at being only 18 months away from leaving! In my head I've already left.

With the finances - I'm going to keep adding extra to the retirement funds instead of the mortgage until the end of the financial year - (June 30th). Then I will reassess and recalculate. It's looking like the long-awaited restructure at work will happen before the end of the year so I should know more about what's ahead in early July.

Our retirement savings are doing very well and we're basically at a point where we could stop now & coast FIRE. I feel like time is just flying by so fast now!

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