22 May 2021

Mortgage Milestone!

Even though we've slowed down on the extra mortgage payments temporarily, we're still making steady progress towards its payoff. We've just hit another mortgage milestone with this weeks payment -  the end of Year 25! 

Our new mortgage balance is now $54,345. 

Our next milestone goal is $44,439.

I have to admit not much is happening here with me at the moment other than a lot of work! I was planning to go into the office today, first time ever on a weekend,  but will work at home instead for the morning to try and catch up a bit. Then I'm meeting an old work friend for lunch. I'm really looking forward to catching up with her, we've worked together on and off in different workplaces for the last 16 years and we have a lot of fun together. 

We'll use our government vouchers for our lunch so it won't cost much. The NSW government gave each person $100 in vouchers - two $25 ones for dining in a cafe or restaurant and two $25 ones for visiting any tourist attraction, so museums, events, theme parks. I have until the end of June to use them so I need to plan a visit somewhere in the next few weeks.  It's been a really good strategy to get people out spending again after Covid restrictions eased up, great for small businesses as everyone loves a freebie. 


  1. I am so glad you are enjoying your work. Great idea for the vouchers. Our government gave us $500 each cash but not vouchers. We are still in semi lockdown as only 50% of Canada has had the first vaccine (me included) but they are mostly waiting 2-4 months before giving us the second shot to ensure they give a first shot to those who haven't had it first. So until that happens things won't reopen that fast.

  2. Its a good way to help get the economy going again. Our vaccine program here has been slow too, but our numbers are very low so life is returning to normal pretty quickly here.


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