2 May 2021

April Progress Report

 I decided to take a break from blogging & being online as much this last month. The time out has been good and I'm back now with our progress report for April. Here's the numbers:


  • current balance $55,380
  • down from: $56,678
  • total reduction: $1,298
  • current balance $616,801
  • up from: $596,502
  • total increase: $20,299I
I was pleased to see such a big increase in our retirement savings this month - the combination of extra payments plus a rising market. 

I've been enjoying the change in work. Its less stress but more work. I am a bit tired but I remind myself its only temporary. 

I think that one part of me feeling less stress is knowing that I'm getting closer to my last year of work. I just don't feel as invested in the workplace as I used to and I'm making decisions knowing I won't be a part of this team for very much longer - its given me more objectivity and the ability to keep out of the politics. 

I have had three offers of more consulting work in the last month. I turned down two of them and said yes to one as its just one hour per/fortnight working with a great client. It feels good to be able to be choosy and it gives me confidence that I'll be able to pick up a few hours work here and there if I want it when I retire/semi-retire.

I'm not making any great progress here... I tell myself it will be easier when I'm not working...

Other:  We were able to spend Easter with our family which was wonderful after having to miss Christmas due to covid restrictions. It was so lovely to see everyone and feel that return to 'normal life' after a long year apart. We caught up again yesterday for FIL's 89th birthday. Not a lot is happening apart from that. I do a lot of daydreaming about what I want to get done in the house and garden- it feels like the second half of this five year plan is going much quicker than the first!

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