2 Jan 2021

2021 Goals

2021 is Year 4 of my five year plan to retirement! Woohoo!!!!

So far we are doing better than I expected.  DH has decided he wants to work another 3 years and then go part time. I have decided to apply for a higher grade position for 12 months.  My second job is now only an hour a week so the higher grade job at work will replace some of that income. My main goal this year is to pay off the mortgage asap. Its a huge stretch goal for us, but we're going to give it our best shot. Our minimum mortgage goal this year is $33,000. We'll continue to salary sacrifice into super as well and our superannuation goal for 2021 is $650,000

Financial Goals

  • mortgage: $33,000 min
  • redraw: $10,000
  • retirement savings $650,000
Health Goals:

Every year I put the same goal - lose weight!!  Clearly I need to make some permanent lifestyle changes.
  • weight:  < 74kgs
  • exercise regularly
Other Goals:
  • 10 books from 1001 list
  • finish Winter Solstice quilt
  • Create a list of unfinished projects 
Share the Dignity Volunteering
  • 8 mum & bub bags & 4 teen bags
  • crochet & sew 8 baby blankets
  • volunteer at charity drives
House & Yard
  • replace lounge room carpet
  • replace roof insulation 


  1. What does a solstice quilt look like? I ned to lose weight, too, about 100 lbs!

  2. its so much harder to lose weight now I'm older. The winter solstice quilt was one I made from Pat Sloans pattern a few years ago and I decided to make it as a Christmas quilt. Its all pieced but I need to quilt it. I'll do a post and post a pic so you can see.