24 Dec 2020

A Christmas Eve Mortgage Milestone!



It's Christmas Eve here and after two months of big bills I've finally got back to paying extra off the mortgage. 

Today we hit another mortgage milestone - the end of Year 24 on the amoratisation table - new mortgage balance is now:


I've been on holidays for two weeks now and its just so lovely to get up and do things in my own time. I've been busy decluttering, crocheting, working on my goals for next year and thinking about how good it will be to retire. 

Our Christmas plans have been changed due to the covid outbreak in NSW, We will be having Christmas at home instead of with our extended family. My in-laws are in their mid 80's & MIL has been in hospital recently with heart problems, so it's just better if we wait a bit longer to get together.

Today we'll be doing some cooking, watching Christmas shows and organising zoom meetings with family for tomorrow. 

I thought I'd share this Aussie Christmas Song that all kids in Australia grow up with: Six White Boomers.

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  1. What a great goal! I am happy to see if I pay off 1/2 what we now owe.