25 Sept 2020

Another Mortgage Milestone!


With this weeks mortgage payment we reached another milestone - Year 23 on the amoratisation table had been crossed off. 

Our mortgage is now $72,897.  

My next goal is to reach $67,200 - the end of year goal to keep on track to be mortgage free before we retire.

October is a big month for bills with house & car insurances all coming due in the next few weeks. Also my hours at my second job have been down so we have less extra income coming in now. Hopefully our tax refund doesn't take too long so we can keep making good progress this year.

Not much has been happening here. Work continues to be quiet and we are still just going to work and collecting our groceries. Our Covid numbers have been very low which is great news, only 4 cases in our state yesterday, all from people in quarantine. I just hope the numbers keep going in the right direction and life can start to get back to normal soon. We have a meeting at work today to discuss first term next year so it will be interesting to see what is planned. We got told yesterday that our restructure should start next year, but I'll believe it when I see it. In the meantime I'll keep working on getting the mortgage paid off asap.



  1. Congratulations on this milestone. We have some big bills this time of year as well-then again in January, April etc. I'n trying to tighten my belt elsewhere if we can.