3 Oct 2020

September Progress Report

 Its been a quiet month here. Just plodding along and making progress on the mortgage.


We had another good month of spending very little and making good progress on the mortgage payoff. Next payday we will reach the 60's!!

  • current balance: $70,595
  • down from: $76,393
  • total reduction: $5,798


  • me: $167,542
  • DH: $340,918
  • total: $508,460
  • total decrease: $163
Its been very quiet at work which has been nice. I'm still not seeing clients face to face and working via telehealth which will probably continue until the end of the year.

No major work done at home this month. DH hurt his hand and had a trip to the ER. Its still very painful so he's unable to do much around the place. 

My initial good weight loss has stalled for the last two weeks so I need to up the exercise. Fortunately my blood sugar readings continue to be in the normal range. 

September has been just a quiet month all round, with lots of time to think about changes I want to make and plans for 2021. We're still only going to work and to get the groceries even though numbers are way down. In our state we have now had 7 days with no new community cases and restrictions are slowly easing. People can now stand and drink in pubs and clubs, wedding parties can dance now and our graduating students can have end of year events. I just hope our numbers continue to stay down. We're feeling very fortunate here at the moment seeing what is happening around the world.

Stay safe xx


  1. Good job, I will be watching you guys crossly as I now need to pay down my loan. IF you can do it I can do it!

    1. thanks Kim, we just keep plugging away at it, You can do it!

  2. That mortgage will be gone in no time! It is nice to hear about an area that is getting back to normal!

  3. It feels like its going down really fast now, can't wait to have it gone!