26 Aug 2020

plodding along...

 I've been back a work full time a few weeks now. Its fairly quite at the moment so I'm spending time cleaning out years of old 'stuff', catching up on paperwork & catching up with colleagues. Our workplace has done well with enforcing social distancing & increased cleaning so I feel OK being there. Our local area still has only one case of covid and so far NSW seems to be keeping the numbers down. 

I have not been doing anything interesting - just plodding along with work & home, keeping warm and watching a lot of TV. We had a lot of snow last weekend, but it didn't stay on the ground where we live. I'm looking forward to the warmer weather so I can get outside more and start walking again.

Our real estate agent contacted us about increasing the rent on our unit. We discussed a new lease with our tenants with a small increase but they are looking to buy a house so they do not want to sign a lease. We've decided to just leave the rent as it is for a few months and we'll put it up when they leave. They have been excellent tenants, probably the best we've had so we're happy to give them some time to find a house even though our agent tells us we could give them notice and probably get $20 - $40 more per week - the last thing they need while house hunting is to have to find a new house - money isn't everything. 

We've had a really good month of throwing money at the mortgage, despite the fact my second job is very late with my pay again.  Its easy not to spend at the moment!


  1. You are a kind thinker. If you like the tenants, I think you will be repaid with good karma by treating them well-and the next tenants will be good ones as well, even with a higher rent.

  2. That is very kind of you to not put pressure on your tenants.