13 Aug 2020

Another Mortgage Milestone!!


I logged into my bank account this morning to find that our deposit for our cancelled cruise this year had been refunded!  I cancelled the holiday back in March.

 I admit I have been worrying if we would actually get the money back or if they would run out before they got to us, as I have heard of some travel agents going bust in recent months. But fortunately we got back $2,700. Almost all of our deposit.

I immediately transferred it off the mortgage, plus our usual payment and am excited to say our new balance is now in the 70's!!   


So we are now past Year 22 on our Amoratisation table and 5.5 years into our mortgage. Its a nice boost to our payoff and makes me feel even more determined to get it paid off asap.

Last night I attend a webinar by our superannuation (retirement funds) company. I knew most of what they talked about but what I did find really helpful was the costed out examples they gave of retirees collecting a part pension along with their super money. It was really reassuring to see the numbers as I do not really want to keep working full time for too long just to try and build a huge retirement fund. Qualifying for a part pension will make quite a difference to retirement and it seems that we will be able to do that. So I feel a bit more confident today that we're doing OK with our plans.


  1. Congratulations! It is such a joy to reach financial targets we set for ourselves.

    1. thanks, I find it really motivating to have those targets to aim for.

  2. This is so exciting! I am sure the cruise would have been fun!