6 Dec 2022

Busy Busy Busy!

 We've had a very busy few weeks since I last posted. 

A family get together for a 65th wedding anniversary, our 40th wedding anniversary and DD & I's birthdays. It's been lovely to catch up with extended family, some we hadn't seen since before Covid. I also had the Share the Dignity collections and drop offs to do which are all completed now.

DH and I have also been very busy at home with lots of decluttering going on, and trips to the op shop and the tip each week.  We have also replaced all the blinds on the windows at the front of the house and down one side. I was able to get the double blinds at 40% off at Spotlight which was a good saving. They didn't have enough in stock to do the whole house so I will get more when they are on sale again. We also bought a new lounge which is SO comfortable to nap on!

When I last posted my plan had been to get ready to do Bonnies Mystery Quilt, but I  got sidetracked by deciding to cut down years of scraps while waiting for the first clue to come out. Well I was enjoying cutting them so much - its quite relaxing -and I have way more scraps than I ever realised, so I decided to skip the mystery this year and cut all scraps instead. I'm hoping to get them all done before the end of the year.  In between scraps and decluttering I have been making my 5" scraps into lap quilt tops
to donate. 

Today we are putting up our Christmas decorations and next week we will visit DS for a few days to help organise a bathroom and kitchen renovation for his unit. 

It feels good to have the time and energy to get so much done.

I'm still having difficulties commenting, but now have a few ideas so will try and sort that out this week.


SAM said...

Such pretty quilts, Jan. Can you come sort me out too?

Janice said...

They have turned out so well. Where will you be donating them? You are certainly making some changes in your environment now that you are retired.

Caree Risover said...

So pleased you are enjoying the time and discovering the energy retirement brings