23 Jan 2022

So Scrappy RSC

 I've been looking forward to having the time to do The Rainbow Scrap Challenge where each month you use scraps in a specific colour. It's a fun challenge & it helps keep the scrap stash down.  The colour for January is red.

I decided to use Bonnie Hunters Carolina Chain pattern from Addicted to Scraps as its all from 2" strips in light & dark colours. I made these give blocks:

I played around with a few different arrangements:

I do have more red scraps than this though & some of those are being used in the Table Scraps challenge which I'm working on getting finished for next week.

After that I worked on Rhododendron Trail. I still have a lot left to do but I find I can only trim blocks for a little while & then I need a break so my wrists don't get sore so I just do a bit of block trimming each morning & try and get the trimmed blocks sewn by the end of the day.

While I was looking for something else in my sewing room I found some 4" squares that would work for baby boys quilts and started joining them up as they won't take long to put together.

It's been a lovely weekend just sewing! 

This week I need to do some 'work' decluttering and get rid of some books & resources I won't need anymore.  I think I will just give them away to some junior colleagues.  I've finished all the 'work' shredding which felt good and I'm plodding along with data entry tasks. Overall I'm on track to be all up to date before I leave and I'm still working from home which is good. 

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  1. Your baby boy's quilt is going to be great, simple ideas are very effective.

    1. yes, nice and quick to get finished too.

  2. Super versatile RED blocks for the RSC! Pretty RT blocks in the works. Darling boy quilt growing there, too! Hang in there. Retirement is almost here!!!

    1. not long to go now thank goodness! :)

  3. So fun, you know you have inspired me to do a red and white quilt. I love red and white it is so bright and cheerful. I remember a pattern that looks like a basket. I need to look that one up!

  4. Bonnie Hunter quilts have SO MANY PIECES in them.
    You need an award for bravery!

  5. They are definitely challenging!


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