10 Sept 2021

Choosing the date!

 DH and I have been having lots of discussions about when to actually leave work and how best to spread out our leave for the best tax advantage. I've also talked to one of my managers at work about leaving who was so supportive and excited for me. It's starting to feel real!

I've just updated my countdown in the sidebar to my new date - 220+ days earlier than my original five-year plan. So I'll work first term plus the holidays next year so I have time to hand over and finish up my work projects. If I do decide I want to leave earlier than that (if covid gets bad here) then I can just bring my date forward.

Eleven weeks of that time will be student holidays - I will have four of those weeks off over Christmas)  and twenty-one weeks will be term time. I have only 32 weeks until I retire and twenty-eight weeks left to work!    Doing a little happy dance here :) 


  1. You so deserve it my friend. When hubs retired he had 6 weeks of paid leave to take before he could actually start getting benefits.

  2. Congratulations. Well deserved after a long hard earned career!