3 Mar 2021

A trip to the park

 We went for a visit to the local park after work for a bit downtime and to just soak up the beautiful view and the peaceful atmosphere after a very busy day at work.

The park was opened in 1890 and was designed as an English country town park despite the very different weather conditions between Australia and the UK. Its just a beautiful place and has many big, old trees that were bought out from England. Right in the centre of town, its just a very big part of local life. 

Some of the garden beds were being replanted, others were in full bloom.

The bandstand sits in the middle of the park and still used for musical events. Its a popular place for wedding photos.  There a beautiful old fountain, a duck pond, a fernery & a begonia house. Its just beautiful! 

I sometimes think about the people who designed and planted it back in the 1880's. Trying to grow an English garden in the hot Australian weather. Having the imagination to 'see' how majestic those huge trees would look years into the future and possibly trying to bring a little bit of Mother England back into their lives.  We spent about hour at the park and I felt much better for it.

"A society grows great when old men plant trees 

whose shade they know they shall never sit in" 

Greek proverb.


  1. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I a swimming in gray and white and long for green.

  2. I plant tree for future generations because some one long ago planted the ones I enjoy. In the South of the US, parts stay green all year, thankfully. But, summer will be a glorious return to lushness.

  3. That is stunning. I just want to fall into those pictures.

  4. So soothing..

    And great quote! :)

  5. It looks so British too - must be the bandstand that does it.