14 Jan 2021

New glasses.

Yesterday I finally got my eye tests done and my new glasses ordered. It was due about six months ago but I just never got around to it. 

I've noticed I've been squinting more the last few months. I spend far too much time looking at a computer screen so I was pleased to hear my eyes are healthy but I still needed a new prescription. 

My last glasses were wire rimmed, not very noticeable against my face. But now the hair around my face is grey and my eyebrows have gone white so I decided I wanted to get some brightly coloured glasses to add a bit of colour to my face. So the frames I chose are a mix of shiny purple/blue/pink colours - very noticeable! I also got new prescription sunglasses. The cost for both was $349 which I was pleased with. Now I just have to wait three weeks to pick them up.

I also booked my mammogram. They have hardly any appointments outside of work time so its not until February. But that gets another medical check up out of the way. 

Yesterday I was in the library at work looking through a stack on Country Style magazines. The librarian told me I could have them all if I wanted as they were going to be tossed out. Well I said thanks and I now have lovely big pile to read for free. I don't buy magazines as I find them expensive but I do enjoy some of the home & garden magazines so these were a nice freebie!

Do you put off medical check ups or are you up to date with them?  Do you buy magazines?


  1. I put off appointments until it was safer. Now, a year later and it is more dangerous. I am bummed as some tests are critical. And, I need an eye exam.

    1. I think a lot of people have probably missesd important checkups due to covid, hopefully it starts improving in the next few months.

  2. I have a secondary cataract that I need to get taken care of on my left eye.Don't buy magazines but I enjoy them.

  3. I am usually up to date (maybe a few weeks late) but I put off some last year and now it's still feels like it's not safe.

  4. Congrats on getting an appointment in. I think folks need to/are starting to just get back to living life and doing the things they need to. Hopefully more people just start "doing it."