30 Jan 2021

January Progress Report

Another month gone and its time for a progress report. 


  • current balance: $60,089
  • down from: $62,992
  • total reduction: $2,903
  • current balance: $576,578
  • up from: $562,738
  • total increase: $13,840

Its been quiet so far this year on our campus and student numbers are down which is a concern. Some classes have delayed their start dates hoping they get more enrolments. I think due to Covid people are taking whatever work they can rather than studying in these uncertain times which is affecting enrolments. I've applied for a higher position and have an interview this week. Other than that its been nice to catch up with colleagues in person after only seeing them on zoom for most of the last year.


Well I set a goal to lose 3kgs (6.5 lbs) this month and I did it!  I started the year at 97.2 kgs & today I weigh 92.8. Thats a total loss of 4.2kgs - 9lbs.  I've been walking about 3 days a week and eating better so its good to see that result. I had my eye checks done, got new glasses & booked my mammogram.

It's raining here, lovely and cool and it will do the garden good - soften it up for weeding. I've got to go into work for half and hour to deliver a quick talk and then its back home for an afternoon of crochet & movies.


  1. I love reading the success of your health goals. The financial are great, but we can't buy our health that's for sure. Very motivating for me and I appreciate you sharing.

    1. thanks, I think good health is so much more important heading into retirement, but so easy to overlook.

  2. Great on the mortgage pay down and the weight loss. Enrollment is down at all Universities, less kids and covid.

    1. I think it will be quite a while till education gets back to pre-covid days.