1 Aug 2020

July Progress Report

June has been an interesting month - heres the numbers!

  • current balance: $83,590
  • down from: $86,657
  • total reduction:$3,067
  • DH: $332,314
  • me: $161,587
  • total: $493,901
  • total increase:$16,586

I'm in the process of going back to work on site and will be back full time after this week. Its quite frustrating to be honest, that schools/colleges are exempt from social distancing. Its recommended but not essential which is creating a LOT of stress amongst colleagues, myself included. 


This month I finally threw out our old lounge suite! It was really old and quite tattered. I've been holding off buying a new one for years to save money. However DD bought a new lounge chair and she had a lovely lounge that we had stored in the spare room - so now its replaced the old one and it all looks much better.


Oh my goodness. Early in the week I went and had some bloodwork done for my annual check up. Well yesterday afternoon my doctor rang to tell me I have diabetes.  While I know I fit the profile - middle aged overweight post menopausal women with sedentary lifestyle - it was a shock. I do think being at home for four months over winter has probably been a big contributor to it. I had noticed my eyesight was not as good but put that down to days of being online and in zoom meetings a lot while working from home.

So he believes I can turn it around if I act straight away and take drastic action. I have until November to lose over 25kgs (56lbs) or he wants to put me on medication. I am willing to do whatever it takes and will be following Dr Fuhrmans guidelines. My mother and grandmother both had Type 2 diabetes and then Alzheimer's - which is the one thing I dread more than anything. I was a director of a Dementia Unit  years ago - I have no illusions about whats in store for me if I don't change my diet and exercise habits. 

So my health goals have to be my absolute priority for the next 16 weeks.


We had a Covid case in the town next to us yesterday, the first case for three months. DD and I both saw our drs this week and both had strict instructions to stay home except for work and grocery pick up, to isolate as much as possible at work and to wear a mask at work if in contact with people. We have surgical masks but I'm going to make us some washable ones as well.

How was your July? How is your workplace managing covid risk?

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  1. July has seen more health problems for me. But, i love the heat and all the green and flowers. Dementia follows diabetes. I will never go into a nursing home! Good luck with weight loss.