17 May 2018

Beautiful Autumn

I love Autumn, its my favourite season.  The temperature has dropped in the last week and there was snow outside of town just a few days ago. I've looked out the winter woolies and we're now into boots, scarves, gloves and coats. The town is filled with trees changing colour and it looks so beautiful. I snapped these pics just outside my office. As well as lots of trees there is a beautiful carpet of leaves and the bushes are filled with orange berries.

I live in a regional city but its still has lots of bush around the area where I work and they've kept the bush on the grounds so its a nice place to walk around. Yesterday we had three kangaroos hopping through the carpark in the morning. There is a family of them that live in the paddock next to my workplace so we often see them about. In summer there are brown snakes around so signs go up reminding people to be keep an eye out for them - mostly you just walk loudly and watch the side of the path for any movement.

I feel like I've been in a bit of a downer the last two weeks but its lifting now. Getting out of the office each day for a bit of walk around certainly helps, it reminds me how lucky I am not to work in a concrete jungle in the city.

Its been too cold to walk in the mornings so I need to get started on using the treadmill I think so I don't turn into a couch potato over winter.

What I want to get done before the end of May:

  • finish the paper shredding!
  • clear the kitchen table off
  • finish an online course I'm doing for work
  • prepare documents for tax time 
  • pay for holiday

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  1. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog! I always find it a bit jarring to read posts about specific seasons when we are experiencing the opposite one (we had a lovely spring day today!). Spring and fall are my favorites so I'd love to figure out how I can travel the world and only experience those seasons :)


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