1 May 2018

April Progress Report


  • $154,682  down from $158,464
  • redraw $9.058 down from $9,157
  • $3791 total mortgage reduction
Retirement Savings
  • mine - $96,420
  • DH  -  $258,642
  • Total - $355,062
  • $9863 total increase
  • savings $195.57
  • CC points savings $80
  • survey points savings $20
  • Total grocery savings $295.57
I have spent less this month on groceries and will changing my shopping to IGA-B soon instead of Coles to save more.


I've been eating really healthy and am thrilled that my weight is down by 5.9kgs/13lbs!! I've finally broken through a plateau and reached my lowest weight in five years. I fit back into some old clothes too which is nice.

I had a week or so of being quite crook but seem to be on the mend now. I've added weights training 3 days a week but haven't walked as much as its getting cold. I had some health expenses of medications that are off PBS which was several hundred dollar and a few appointments/tests.


I am loving my extra work! I have just done the billing and I've earned $1870 extra this month. My regular job is busy but I'm doing much better at not getting drawn into the stress there and my second job is where I'm getting my job satisfaction at the moment.


I decluttered and got rid of eleven garbage bags of clothing & household 'stuff'. I've started work on shredding the paperwork again. No work in the yard this month.

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