21 Mar 2018

We have tenants!

We put our unit back on the rental market last week. It only took a few days for us to have some enquiries and we've now got new tenants ready to move in. We've increased the rent as well so its working out nicely.

I need to renew our landlords insurance so I'll get some quotes first. I do that for all our insurances and utilities each year -get quotes and compare policies. It amazing how much you can save just by taking the time to compare the details and ring about prices. Years ago loyal, long term customers got the best deals but that has all changed now. Companies offer better deals to new customers so if I have to change to save money I do.

Today is payday -can't wait for the money to go in so I can send some to the mortgage! Its been really busy at work this week and really stressful. I'm certainly in a 'ready to retire' mood this week and seeing those numbers countdown in the sidebar is helping.

Do you chase the best prices on utilities & insurances when they come up for renewal?

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