19 Mar 2018

A morning at the Highland Games

The last few days we've had temperatures in the mid 30's -so hot days and hot nights that are usually long gone at this time of year. Yesterday my daughter, my niece and I went to the Highland games. Fortunately we were able to find shady places for most of the morning.  They had erected a castle front in the middle of the oval which added a lovely touch. The bands all entered through the castle gate when it was their turn to play.

I love listening to bands play but I have to say I love the Scottish bands the most. I used to do Scottish dancing when I was a kid and we would dance at fairs like this and in the Eisteddfod.

I remember when I was about 6 or 7,  I had been practising for my Eisteddfod performance to a tape of the bagpipe music. On the day I went out on the stage and instead of hearing a tape of the music, standing behind me was a bagpiper. Well I did my first bow and just froze at the sound of the bagpipes!! I stood there till the music ended, then did my last bow and walked off. The sound of loud bagpipes is fantastic and I love it - but that first time, with him right behind me was too much lol!

We stayed a few hours and had a nice walk around, watched a bit of the dancing and bought some gluten free chutney from the lady I had bought jam off a few weeks ago at the Farmers Markets. There were some nice craft stalls with sewing and patchwork and other homemade goodies, as well as lots of Scottish goods.

 But after a while the wind got really strong and the heat was getting worse, so we went into town and had cake & coffee before doing  the grocery shopping.  All in all it was a lovely day costing only $2 entry and $14 for the chutney.

Work has been very busy the last few weeks and I've been a bit unwell so my goals for shopping, exercising and eating well have slipped a bit- will update on that soon.

Good news is that I had the meeting about the extra work and its going ahead so extra mortgage-smashing money is coming!


  1. I've never been to a Highland Games Gathering. I should go and find one around here since I do have wee bit of Scottish ancestry.

  2. They are really good to go to if you can get to one. they had strong man competitions as well the bands and the dancing. lovely way to spend a day :)

  3. We have been to a Highland Games that comes to our area yearly. The competitions are fun to watch.

  4. Its a really good day out and inexpensive too which helps!


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