10 Mar 2018

Visit to our retirement unit!

We got the keys to our rental unit yesterday and went down to have a look after work. It was great to see inside again - its been a few years- and nice just to spend some time there thinking about where we will  put things when we move in. I took a heap of photos so I can refer back to them.

This morning we were down there again taking measurements and deciding what repairs we want to do. If we do things now its a tax deduction. If we leave them till we move in they aren't. We are going to change the lights over to LEDs as that will be more economical. We also need to regrout the shower and we will also make a wooden top for the window seat which is showing a bit of wear and tear. The garage floor could do with a repaint so we'll get a quote on that as well and some more pavers for the garden.

After making our list of jobs we went off to Bunnings and bought our supplies.I'm looking forward to going back down tomorrow for a while to do some more planning while DH does the grouting.

Our unit has just four rooms and a small garden. Its a timely reminder of just how much downsizing we need to do over the next few years! I have several bags of 'stuff' to go to Vinnies so I might try and drop those off tomorrow.  In the meantime I've been on pintrest pinning ideas for the little garden and for storage in small places.  Can't wait till we're retired and living there for good!

Heres a few pics of where we'll be headed in a few years time.

The kitchen and lounge/dining room

The second bedroom upstairs, which will be my sewing room.

The ceilings in the front of the unit are all lovely and patterned.

We have a small yard for an outdoor setting and a smaller side yard off the kitchen as well.

Looking back from the kitchen to the lounge/dining area. The door opens to the garage / laundry which will be DH's workshop area when we move. We'll park the cars in the street.

There is also small bathroom and lovely large main bedroom with leadlight windows behind those curtains. The window seat looks out over the garden and that timber on the floor goes on the seat.

So I need to cull our 'stuff' from 30+ years here in our big four bedroom home to fit into our little four room home over the next few years.


  1. Your retirement home is lovely! It's nice to know the exact size of what you need to downsize too

  2. thanks :) I fell in love with it the first time I saw it, its small but has lots of character. I am looking forward to moving there.