26 Mar 2018

Monday morning...

Its Monday morning here and I'm back to work today, not really looking forward to it as I am now quite behind and I know its going to be busy! I'm tired already and I've only been back a few months - at least this week is a short week with Good Friday off.

I saw my dr on Friday and she was very pleased with my progress. I have a month to get my weight down further before blood tests to see if insulin resistance has improved. So more exercise, more healthy eating and less snack foods for me!

I made a batch of almond biscuits using this recipe as a basis, they taste great and satisfy my need for crunchy foods.

I also cooked up a batch of veggies - pumpkin, carrots, onions, sweet potato so I can just reheat them as needed.

I used $30 worth of vouchers for the shopping this week but I've still spent too much this month. Will add it all up for the end of month tracking.

Overall it was a good weekend, feeling much better after being sick,  but I just have the Monday morning blahs I think....  anyway I'll keep plodding along - only four more years to go :)


  1. I love to cook up batches of vegetables to eat like that. I can eat them heated or cold (especially the sweet potatoes). It's a great way to get more vegetables in.

  2. Good luck with the insulin resistance regime. My wife struggled with this and in the end it was protein that won the day. She has lost a huge amount of weight now and it all but cured. Eggs saved the day as a cheap pure source of protein.


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