5 Mar 2018

March Goals

I've been inspired by The Hawaii Plan to set some monthly goals.  I've been back at work two months now and the time is flying by. I feel like I'm slipping back into old patterns where I'm too tired to do anything much except go to work and do the shopping. The messy house is annoying me and the decluttering has come to a halt.
Here's my monthly goals for March:

  • grocery spending < $600
  • make payment on holiday
  • take out travel insurance
  • pay $4000 off mortgaage
  • walk 4 days a week
  • walk 100 miles
  • lose 2kgs
  • do brain training 90 mins/week
  • increase fruit & veg
  • do a stocktake of stockpile
  • thorough clean of kitchen & pantry
  • blog efforts to eat out stockpile
  • clean out one garden bed in front yard
  • finish the paper shredding
  • meeting re extra work
  • set up office space at home
  • finish one more clue of 'On Ringo Lake' quilt
  • evening meditation/relaxation before bed
  • finish kids blankets and post
  • read two 1001books  
While there are parts of my job I enjoy, its about to get much more stressful as colleagues start getting laid off from the end of this month and the workload will increase.  I need to keep my focus on my goals and on life outside of work.

Are you a goal setter?

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