4 Mar 2018

Grocery Shopping

Week 3 of a $60 minimum spend.

Butcher: $22.21  23 sausages (2kgs)

Bakers Delight: $10   6 cheese & bacon rolls, 4 bread rolls

Coles: $194.05  savings: $37.28  &  $10 off

2kg potatos  $7
300g cornflour $1.50
2kg sugar $1.80
1.5kg sweet potato $5.88
6 bananas $3.15
150g garlic  $2.50
4 apples $2.61
200g carrot $2
6 red onions $3.33
1.3kg lamb roast $17.53
2 pkts pasta $2
250g parmesan cheese $6.10
2 400g gluten free chicken $16
250g cucumber  $2.50
3 punnets perino tomatos $9
600g yoghurt $4.50
2 pkts quick oats $2.60
450g butter $4.50
10 gluten free tortillas $4.45
5 Gluten free wraps $5
1.6kg puff pastry $6.85
3 litres olive oil $25
125g raspberries $3.90
250g strawberries x 4 $14
1 pkt chips $3.20
100g ham $2.50
20 tortillas $5.90
1 pkt licorice $4
3 pkts cruskits $9
1 pkt choc chip biscuits $2.50
27 rolls toilet paper $11.25
3 rolls paper towel $3
1 BBQ chicken $9

Total spend this week: $226.26

I bought a few expensive things this week - probably because I'm feeling a bit tired and irritated with work after a frustrating Friday. And I know I have a difficult week coming - have to spend a few days with a bullying boss.

I feel like a nice roast lamb dinner so boned lamb was on special $14 kg. I also bought some gluten free chicken and wraps - they are expensive but I have them now and again as a treat. We also ran out of olive oil so I bought the 3litre tin for $25 which is a much cheaper way to buy it.

The baked dinner didn't happen as I opened up the cupboard under the sink a while ago to find everything soaking wet!. The pipe to the sink is leaking where it joins the tap and will need a plumber. So I've had to empty out two soaking wet cupboards full of 'stuff' all over the kitchen benches to dry. The shelves have soaked up the water so they will need replacing but we will live with them till we're ready to renovate the kitchen. I'll need to get them dried out thoroughly to prevent mould though.

I didn't get any decluttering done this weekend. Ended up sleeping all afternoon. I am really noticing how much energy working takes out of me. I miss being home and I miss having my days to myself.  Just have to keep on working the plan!

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