17 Apr 2022

RSC - I found a bag of pink scraps!

 I was up early on Saturday and while looking for something else ( I've forgotten what now lol!)  in my sewing room, I found a shopping bag full of pink scraps. 

Well, given that pink is the colour for this months Rainbow Scrap Challenge  I thought might be useful, but when I tipped it out I found much more than scraps in the bag. There was:

lots of different width strips:

16 rows of 5 joined 5" squares:

13 rows of 5 joined 10"x 8" rectangles:

and some small off-cut pieces of different sizes and patterns.

Quite the find! Clearly I had started a pink quilt many years ago and forgotten all about it. So I decided that using up this bag of scraps & the unfinished blocks will be my challenge for the rest of the month.

I spent some time playing about on the design wall to see what I could come up with. Did I mention how much I love having a design wall taped up in the family room? Honestly it just makes sewing so much more fun and creative when you can look at different combinations over time and play around on the wall instead of trying to lay out blocks on the bed.

I joined the 5" block sets together, added some strips to the sides. Then I cut one of the wider sets of blocks in half to add another side strip & bring up to the right size:

Then I took the joined large rectangle block strips and cut them in half to make 4 inch wide strips. I joined half of these strips into one quilt top:

and I have the other half, plus all the strips and the off-cuts still left to use up. 

 I really enjoyed working on this unexpected pink project and it will give me some simple quilt tops to practice my quilting on as well as some quilts to donate.

Other than sewing it's pretty quiet here. We used to catch up with all the family for Easter but we're still being careful about Covid so we'll be staying home again for Easter this year & visiting via zoom. Happy Easter & happy scrapping to those that sew.

Linking up with SoScrappy and OhScrap if you're looking for some scrappy inspiration.


  1. What a lucky find, that bag of pinks were just waiting to be rediscovered!

  2. TWO quilt tops worth of PINK bits hiding in a bag? Wow!! You really made good use of them!!

  3. You found a pink treasure. Two quilts wanting to come out and play, and you rescued them at the right moment. Isn't coincidence fun? Enjoy! ;^)

  4. Lots of pretty pinks there! I love what you did with them, too!

  5. Great use of those bright pink scraps. Thanks for sharing iwth Oh Scrap!

  6. Those are wonderful. I am saving scraps from my Native American skirts to cut blocks and make a quilt. SOme day....

  7. Wow practically an ibstant quilt, and I love pink. I have watched various you-tubes on scrappy quilts, I have the scraps just got to find the time!


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