3 Sept 2021

Progress Report: August - the covid edition

August has been a really tough, and stressful month. I haven't posted because my posts would just say 'worked all day, worked extra, fell asleep on the lounge". 

Too much work, not enough staff + covid + being a mental health professional dealing with vulnerable, at-risk youth, & currently in lockdown has just been too much some days. 

I've been working from home for most of the last month due to covid cases in our town and all my team are also in areas under lockdown due to covid cases. Sadly, we have had several young people take their lives which impacts the whole community.

So I am very tired but OK, just two more weeks until a short vacation period and then one more term to go. I am seriously considering if I retire earlier than planned though as I'm watching these covid cases go up and up each day. We are meeting with the financial planner again next week to look at various projections. It would be wonderful if I could finish up this year instead of next - I feel like covid has changed everything. I'm just so grateful that we have been saving so I am now in a good position to leave if I decide to.

Heres the numbers:


  • current balance: $45,990
  • down from: $47,650
  • total reduction: $1,660
  • current balance: $678,595
  • up from:$665,116
  • total increase: $13,479

1 comment:

  1. I am sorry you had a tough month. It is horrid here with covid and it is very discouraging.