31 May 2021

May Progress Report

Time for another progress report! We're back to focusing on the mortgage payoff.  Our income is less now as my second job has finished. I still do the occasional consult but not having that extra income has definitely slowed down our savings and debt payoff rate. But its nice to work less and I was ready to stop so its all good.


  • current balance: $52,627
  • down from: $55,380
  • total reduction: $2,753
  • current balance: $629,559
  • up from: $616,801
  • total increase: $12,750

I had my first dose of Astrazenica after work last Friday.  I felt fine that evening, not even sore at the injection site. But mid-morning Saturday my whole arm started to ache, my joints hurt and I felt really tired. Fortunately, it only lasted a couple of days I feel back to normal now.

I'm hoping to catch up with a few friends in June and use up the last of my vouchers from the government on a meal and a movie. I'm also hoping to take some time off at the end of term so I'm counting down the days!


  1. SO happy you had the jab, and look how well you are doing on your savings and payoff!

    1. Thanks Kim :) feels like everything going in the right direction at the moment.


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