30 Nov 2020

Sharing the Dignity - Its in the Bag!

 For the last few years I've made up bags for the It's in the Bag collection each November for Share the Dignity, a charity that supplies feminine hygiene products to women domestic violence and homelessness charities. Each bag has basic hygiene products, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, deodorant, pads, tampons and optional gifts as well.  There are teen bags and mother& baby bags also.  Its a great charity and I had thought I might volunteer for it when I retired.

Well this year I thought why wait till I retire? Stop putting everything off till later and start doing some of those things right now. So I signed up to help collect the bags, check them and deliver them to the charities.

I'm so glad that I did! 

Its been a wonderful week seeing the generosity of women helping women. The care and attention that has gone into these bags, the beautiful notes written, the hard work of the volunteers - faith in humanity restored!  

Right now I have my bags all sorted and ready to go to my charity, possibly later this week. Its been a busy, but very enjoyable week and I'm looking forward to the next event in April.

I made up three teen bags and one womens bag this year. I've decided next year I'm going to focus on mother & baby & teen bags as there is a real need for those. Heres my teen bags before packing getting some love from the cat.

DD and I both celebrated our birthdays this last week. We both had the day off work and went out for lunch. Its the first time since March that we have been anywhere other than work of grocery shopping and it felt wonderfully normal to be out having a meal!   The cafes & restaurants are still limited in how many people they can have inside so it was about half the usual number of seats but they have been allowed to put some tables outside so its good to see local businesses back in action.

Time for me to go to work, only two weeks left until holidays!


  1. That is a very good charity project. But, I would think it would be hard to choose the feminine hygiene items for a person since it is a personal choice. But, It is great to supply these items. So, you did two bags?

  2. we try and put both pads and tampons in each bag to help cover different preferences. I did four bags this year three teen and one ladies bag. Its a great project, a bit like the Pink purse project you wrote about.

    1. Jan,
      Next year, I will try to fill at least six purses.