29 Oct 2020

Veggie Prep paid off!

 Last weekend I decided to try something new - prepping my veggies for the week ahead. After putting the shopping away I chopped up:

  • carrots
  • onions
  • zucchini
  • pumpkin
  • broccoli
  • beans
  • capsicum
  • salad greens
all put in bags in the fridge so we could quickly prepare a salad at lunchtime and cooked veggies in the evening. The next day I cooked a tray of pumpkin, frozen cauliflower, tomato's & onions, made some salad dressings and a big pot of split pea soup (16 serves for the freezer). I'm just trying to get more organised so I have no excuse not to eat well when I go back to work.

Well the next day I ended up with a bad arthritis flare and I've been living on the lounge since only able to walk to the bathroom as my feet are quite painful. So no more spring cleaning has been done at all. 

But having done that prep work has made it so much easier to eat really well while being laid up. Lunches have been salads and soups, dinners have been steamed & stir-fried veggies, tray bake veggies and meat. Its saved so much time and its something I'm going to continue. 

Today I'm able to walk about a little more as the pain and swelling in my ankles is going down. This will certainly slow down my exercise & weight loss for a few weeks. But I'm feeling better today and plan on working on my budget and goals for 2021 while I rest up.

1 comment:

  1. You might have not eaten as well and wasted food without the food preps. Good for you.