6 Jul 2020

Monday, Monday...

I'm going to try an post more often. I feel I'm slipping into a bit of a 'rut' of just keeping busy to distract myself but not really getting anything much done, so I'm hoping if I blog more I'll get a bit more motivation in these strange 'covid' times.

Last Friday DH had to put the car in for repairs. I'd budgeted $350 but apparently it needed more repairs than DH expected as the final bill came to just over $1000!  So I raided the emergency fund to cover it.

I think I need a bigger emergency fund. Or I might just keep more in the offset account for a while until this pandemic situation is more settled.

Each Sunday we try and prep something for the freezer. Yesterday DD cooked up a huge batch of bolognaise sauce and then made two large trays of lasagna and 16 individual serves of meat sauce. I love the way the house smells when cooking lasagna & it tasted great.

My plans for today in between work, is to catch up on my crotchet, my temperature blanket is quite behind, and to do some decluttering in the pantry.


  1. If I had that much lasagna in the house, I would eat a helping three times a day and maybe for a snack until it was gone. I love lasagna. What is a temperature blanket?

    1. We just had it for lunch! Its the ultimate comfort food I think - I love it! A temperature blanket is where each day you crotchet one row & the colour is chosen according to the temperature. I use a new colour every 2 degree. I'll post a pic tomorrow so you can see how its going.