2 Feb 2020

January Progress Report

Well January flew past, we're all back at work and life is getting busy again after the Christmas break.

Our air conditioner was replaced last week, just in time for the heatwave and oh what a difference it has made!

I am quite worried about our next electricity bill though as our old one was not working properly for several months while we saved the money to replace it.

We also paid the deposit for our holidays last week so no extra money on the mortgage at all this month, and possibly in February too.

  • current balance: $101,221
  • down from $101,991
  • total reduction:$700
Retirement Savings:

Another exceptional month for our retirement savings!
  • me :$163,228
  • DH: $351,399
  • total: $514,627
  • total increase: $15,701
I've been working my flylady routines and after our big declutter last year, I'm now working on another, deeper round of decluttering this year. I filled three small bags with clothes and shoes I no longer wear which I'll donate and one small bag to the rubbish.

No work done in the yard due to the heat, but we have started more detailed planning and costing for the yard work. One the temperature drops a bit we'll get back to working outside.

Unfortunately my weight has gone up - today I am 100.1 kgs (220lbs) - the highest I've been in 10 years. Its partly lack of exercise, and partly stress. I had an interesting conversation at work with several other women who also have gained weight in recent months - the 'stress belly'! So I'll be really focusing on that as I want to be in better shape before July when I go for my annual check up.

I'm plodding along with my crochet blankets and have been  sewing more for wildlife rescue projects this month. I haven't read any books or attended any local events however I've got a few events earmarked for later in the year. I had a phone call this week for an urgent request to do a few hours consulting which I said yes to - I really do enjoy it so it never feels like work and I'll have a couple of hundred dollars extra for next months budget.

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