1 Dec 2019

November Progress Report

  • current balance: $104,192
  • down from $107,647
  • total decrease: $2,955
This month we reached the end of year 19 balance. We're close to our end of year goal of $100,000, but might not make it till early next year.

  • me: $154,601
  • DH: $336,866
  • Total:$491,467
  • Total increase:$14,268
I am amazed at how fast our retirement savings are growing! Its exciting to see us so close to our goal with three more years to go.


I have lost a couple of kgs and had started exercising. But on Friday I had a flare up of my arthritis so I'm back to resting up at the moment.

 I certainly feel a bit less stressed than last month and it has quietened down a lot so time to catch up and get ready for next year.


I've started working in the garden again, just for 10 -15 minutes a day, weeding and tidying up garden beds. We are on water restrictions here for the first time due to the drought. We can only water the garden for 30 mins x2 per week, 4 minute showers, no car washing or sprinklers on lawns. The whole town is just dry and brown. So I'm not going to plant anything, just clean up the yard which will take quite some time.

I'm looking forward to Christmas and to setting goals for 2020. Overall things are plodding along nicely here.

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