2 Nov 2019

October Progress Report

Another month has flown by and its time for an update!

  • current balance $107,647
  • down from $109,687
  • total reduction $2,040
We had a meeting with the bank yesterday and our interest rates have been dropped. Our mortgage is now st 3.32% and our investment loans are 3.89%

  • me $148,693
  • DH $329,108
  • total $477,799
  • total increase: $6,117

I was doing well with restarting walking but the last week has been very high stress at work so haven't exercised this week. I had some dental work done after a bad toothache so it was good to get that finished. Health is definitely going to be the focus for 2020.


Dealing with a serious crisis the last week at work has really driven home the point - I just want to retire. Its very stressful and I'm so tired. Another position has been cut in my team. Everyone is just waiting for more lay off announcements, hopefully before the end of the year. Thank goodness for great colleagues as we all try and keep each others spirits up.

I finished at my second job so our income will go down now. All of that income went towards debt reduction so we need to make savings elsewhere to keep reducing the debt. I really loved the work a lot and am so glad I took it on. But I need to slow down so I'm going to gracefully accept the ending of that part of my professional life.


Nothing major done around the house. We are getting the air conditioning replace in the next few weeks so I'm saving up the $5,000 for that. I have been doing small bits of decluttering each weekend - making slow and steady progress!

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