27 Dec 2018

Redraw is paid off!!

One of my goals this year was to get the redraw paid off completely. Throughout the year the balance has gone up as high as #20,000 as we've dipped into it for various expenses.

I've been so close to getting it down to $0 I really wanted it done before the end of the year. So this morning I spent some time working out how I could raid a few other accounts and not buy any groceries for a bit to find the money I needed to pay it off.

I've just transferred the money and my redraw is now officially paid off completely - balance $0.  Yay!! It feels so good to have it gone and to reach that goal.

In the New Year I'll contact the bank about cancelling the redraw for good. In the meantime I'm working out the budget and our goals for 2019 and doing heaps of decluttering - but thats another post...